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Nextephive integrates Nextep App with dedicated private cloud box to build the leading edge mobile team collaboration platform. The integrated versatile functionalities including Nextep TeamSync makes a user to share content with team members from a mobile device by simply just a drag-and-drop!
To share information to team members exclusively with a simple “drag” from a mobile device via the team private cloud to improve team efficiency and security of exchanging information no matter where you are.
Nextep synchronizes content with private cloud, whether external information gathering via Nextep, or quickly upload files from PC to private cloud, all can be presented side by side immediately in Nextep App, or downloaded to PC. This allows you to get the latest information in hand anytime, anywhere.
Nextep LazyBag
Freely pack different types of files or content on mobile device, share through Email, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, LINE, WeChat, and view or download it from another phone, tablet or computer.
Ultimate Storage
Integrates different types of infor- mation or content from different sources on your mobile device, and displayed side by side imme- diately. Including documents, images, contents from webpages, all can be stored in the private cloud and solving information scattered problem.
Whichever your mobile device is iOS or Android based, or your PC browser is IE, Chrome, or Safari, etc. based, shared contents can be browsed and downloaded.