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Search, Collect, Share,
all at your fingertips!
Nextep connects to cloud, lets you easily save
all your contents, and share them via Email, Linkedln, Twitter, Facebook, LINE, WeChat. The shared contents can be viewed by either Nextep App or web browser, and can be downloaded to mobile devices or PC.
Browser with
integrated screen scissors,
drag & drop webpage links,
images, documents or videos
into a category/subcategory
Files in PC or Dropbox,
website links or images,
Office or PDF documents
all can be downloaded
to Nextep
Whichever it’s a content only
or entire category/subcategory,
all can be shared via
Email, Linkedln, Twitter,
Facebook, LINE, WeChat
  • Collect and Organize Information
    Integrated Multiple Contents,
    Sources, and Formats

    Files of PC or Dropbox, website links,
    images, Office or PDF documents
    all can be downloaded to Nextep App to view.
  • Collect design inspirations
    Lighting Sharing
    with Promptly Display

    Share whole category, subcategory,or single
    content via Email, Linkedln, Twitter, Facebook,
    LINE, WeChat. The shared contents can be
    viewed by either Nextep App or web browser,
    and can be downloaded to mobile devices or PC.
  • Education Demo Application

    Whichever your mobile device is iOS or
    Android based, or your PC browser is IE,
    Chrome, or Safari, etc. based, shared contents
    can be browsed and downloaded.
  • Mobile Briefcase
  • Research
  • Portfolio
  • Tutorials
  • Travel Guide
  • Shopping List
  • Recipes
Mobile Briefcase
Conference documents, presentation files,
business charts all can be stored in Nextep,
meeting and briefings materials can be shared
with customers promptly by using Nextep,
or use Drawing Board to type or draw to
discuss the meeting minutes.
Nextep stores class handouts, research materials
by category, whether charts, images, videos,
handouts, presentations, papers…can be save to
Nextep for offline browsing, collect information,
review, discuss on the mobile device at any time.
Nextep supports a variety of file formats, whether
graphic design, web design, video works all store
to Nextep, show your design with excitement
through the window-like interface.
Interesting materials, lessons from PC or Dropbox,
save all in Nextep, whether images, webpages,
videos or documents, tutorials can be presented
with fun & creativity methods.
Travel Guide
Nextep can help you collect any travel information,
traffic map, tour guide, tour blog, restore information.
all can be categorized & saved in Nextep,
won’t make you miss any wonderful trip stop.
Shopping List
Nextep can save all your favor items, dresses,
purses, camera, tables…product pages, photo,
reviews with powerful Nextep browser,
your desire list at a glance.
Nextep can help you collect a variety of delicious
recipes, you can directly save recipes on the web
or Youtube cooking videos, or record your own
cooking process…categorized according to your own
preferences and create a personal recipe collection.
Integrate Multiple Types of Information from Multiple Sources QuickUpload Multi-Version Backup & Restore Cross-Platform, Cross-Device Web Browsing Multiple Ways to Share Hand Painting & Writing Offline Viewing TeamSync
Integrate Multiple Types of
Information from Multiple Sources
Files in PC or Dropbox, album from mobile device and webpages,
variety of documents all can be presented with Nextep.
Files from PC can be quickly uploaded to cloud,
and showed in the Nextep App.
Nextep syncs your content from/to phones,
tablets and PCs. Its cross-device and
cross-platform without hindrance,
easily manage all your contents.
Cross-Platform, Cross-Device
Whether iOS, Android phones, tablets or PC
all can share & receive contents
cross-platform and cross-device.

Web Browsing

Nextep App shared content can be viewed
with web browser, and downloaded as whole
category / subcategory or selected contents.
Nextep LazyBag
Freely pack different types of files on mobile device,
share through Email, Linkedln, Twitter, Facebook, LINE,
WeChat, and view or download it from another phone,
tablet or computer.
Hand Painting & Writing
Got an idea?
Personal note & text, drawing feature
can help you save your idea at your fingertip!
Offline Viewing
No on-line? No problem!
Images, documents are all stored at device offline.
With just a simple drag-and-drop to share information to team
members exclusively right from a mobile device via the
private team cloud to improve team efficiency,
and the security of information exchange no matter where you are.
Q:What are the differences between Nextep and Nextephive?

Nextephive is a Hive box, an integration of Nextep with processor, storage and operating system, allowing you to manage synchronized contents cross devices and share information with other team members. Nextep saves content on mobile device by default, you can not use TeamSync to share files or InSync feature to synchronize files when device is not connected to the Hive. If you’re interested in our InSync, TeamSync feature, please upgrade to our Nextephive solution.

Q:How to use Nextephive?

Nextephive is suitable for small teams, whether a department of large enterprises, SMB, design team, sales team, SOHO, classroom…etc., are able to share information with team members on a mobile device, please refer to detail page: Nextephive.

Q:What are the requirements for App and PC

Nextep App supports iOS 5.0 or above iPad, iPhone, Android 4.0 tablet or above; PC supports Chrome, Internet Explorer 8 or above, Safari 4 or above, Firefox 4.0 or above.

Q:Can users use both iOS and Android devices at the same time?

Yes, Nextep App users can use different devices of Mobile Platforms at the same time if users have Nextephive in place. Please refer to the previous question。

Q:How to purchase Nextephive?

Please fill up the purchase form, we will send you confirmation and payment notification, once we receive your payment, we will send you shipping notice and deliver the product.

Q:Can I purchase it directly from App Store or Google Play?

Nextephive is a software+hardware integrated Turn-key Solution, not just an installed App on your mobile device. Therefore, you cannot purchase it directly from the App store. Purchase method please refer to the previous question.

Q:Can I choose the user number of Nextephive?

Nextephive currently offering 5, 10, 20, 30 Named Users version, if you have other requirements, please contact us.

Q:Is it possible to purchase Nextephive license individually?

Nextephive is a software+hardware integrated Turn-key Solution, software does not sell separately, if you have any other customization needs, please feel free to contact us.

Q:If I have any concerns regarding the purchasing method or if I have any problems after making the purchase, who should I contact?

Please feel free to contact our customer service representative. Tel: 886-2-2655-8278, Email:

Q:Can I log on Nextephive with different devices on the same account?

Yes,the same user can log on Nextephive on tablets or phones with the same account。

Q:Can I change my account name, password on Nextephive?

The account can not be changed, but you may change your password from App, or asked admin to change it for you in case you forgot your password.

Q:What’s the network environment requirement for Nextephive?

You can always view contents offline stored in Nextep App, suggest you access LAN when you do InSync or TeamSync operation. However, if you need to do InSync or TeamSync from remote, please refer to the user manual for setting myQNAPcloud DDNS or VPN.

Q:How to register Nextephive account?

After go to App Store or Google Play and download Nextep App, you can enter your username and password to complete the registration; You can also sign in from the PC to create a new user account by using admin account.

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